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Fort Ross Vineyard

Fort Ross
September 11, 2022 | All, Fall Recipes, Food & Wine, Recipes | Fort Ross

Fall 2022 Releases & Food Pairings

As the weather cools down, embrace the sweet & savory sides of fresh produce and herbs in season.

2020 Bicentennial Chardonnay & Poached Orange-Fennel Salmon with Dill Crème


In this recipe, fennel and dill harmonize to evoke a toasty beginning of fall. The roundess of the poached salmon & crème is offset by the fresh citrus and spice of the radish, matching the body of our 2020 Bicentennial Chardonnay

Recipe here.

2019 Stagecoach Road Pinot Noir with Chicken & Roasted Figs


This simple roasted chicken thighs recipe is great for any night of the week. A touch of sweetness from honey and carmelized figs accentures the ripe fruit of our 2019 Stagecoach Road Pinot Noir for a meal that will keep you warm on a chilly fall evening.

Recipe here.

2017 Pinotage & Grilled Rib-Eye with Blistered Padrón Peppers


Take advantage of the last bit of warm weather this September by opening up the grill. This recipe recommends using a smoker to infuse fruit flavors into the rib-eye, a perfect match to our 2017 Pinotage

Recipe here. 


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