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Fort Ross Vineyard

2005 Chardonnay Accolades

SF Chronicle: TOP 100 WINES OF 2008
Lester and Linda Schwartz's latest release hails from their estate parcel, just about a mile from the Pacific coast at more than 1,000 feet elevation. From a cool, difficult vintage on the coast, this takes a more fleet-footed approach. A slight waxiness and lush, mineral-backed texture help underscore apple, grapefruit, honeycomb and richer, nutty undertones. DECEMBER 7, 2008

Lester and Linda Schwartz's latest release has aimed for a French-style wine. There's a slight waxiness and lush texture that is backed by minerality. Bright aromas and flavors of apple, melon, honeycomb and grapefruit are surrounded by buttery, nutty undertones. A rather rich, buoyant and balanced finish. JANUARY 11, 2008